All information is provided completely free of obligation and is intended solely for the addressee. The information in this presentation is a snapshot in time (01-09-2021) and gives an overall description of the project, meaning that it may be subject to change. Certitudo Capital has taken the utmost care in providing the information as accurately as possible, but cannot accept any liability whatsoever with regard to the correctness and completeness of the information.


Additional information

Lessor is in no way obliged to accept, assess or consider any proposal received. Neither has lessor any obligation whatsoever to accept an indicative proposal that has been received, irrespective of the amount of this proposal and of how it may relate to other proposals received. Furthermore, lessor reserves the right to adjust and/or terminate the rental procedure or to terminate communication about the rental procedure at any time it wishes, without giving reasons and without involving any financial obligation. Furthermore, lessor reserves the right to enter into exclusive discussion, without informing other potential tenants of this discussion. Lessor or any affiliated parties are in no way liable for compensation for any costs incurred by the candidate tenant(s) with regard to the proposed transaction in question.
This Factsheet, or any information, is provided completely free of obligation and can in no way lead to an obligation on the part of lessor to enter into negotiation about the proposition set out in this Factsheet.

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